Woman Breastfeeding Baby. Her breast is pixellated with a giant caption: Bottle Not Boobs

Poe’s Law, As Applied to Breastfeeding

It actually did take me a few minutes to figure out whether this was real or fake, which shows you just how solid Poe’s Law really is, when you apply it to real life. For the record, it is a parody, taken from the Facebook page of a group called Christians for Michele Bachmann. Naturally, […]

NSID 2010 - Day 9 by Johnathan Nightingale

Isn’t “Neckbeard” Just a Way to Shame Fat Men?

  I’ve always hated the term “Neckbeard,” because it seems like a really quick and cheap way of saying “fat, nerdy guy” in a way that’s acceptable to people who would otherwise be against body or status shaming. It is definitely not something that you use to describe a thin, popular guy with lots of […]

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New Goal: Write Shorter Stuff

My latest goal: I’m going to try to force myself to write shorter posts, and to be happy with them. One of my big problems with writing, and writing consistently, is that I feel like everything has to be at least 1,000 words long in order for me to have done my job. And not […]

Neon Sign From the Lusty Lady

Can a Good Scientist Be a Good Whore? (And Other Thoughts About Whorephobia)

Now that the whole situation with Danielle Lee and Biology Online has mostly been settled, I’m getting ready to write up some of the things that bothered me about how the science/skeptic/atheist communities supported Lee. On the one hand, I think that it was great to see the outpouring of support against a wanker who […]

Kitty Stryker

What Kind of Person Goes to a Sex Worker?

Kitty Stryker answers this question today in a very lovely and touching article at Slixa, based on her experiences taking clients in London. It doesn’t actually tie in with the common stereotype: Working with TLC Trust in London, I found myself encountering a very different sort of client than the media-projected stereotype. I was a […]

Jill Filipovic, Editor of Feministe
(Image from Wikicommons)

Feministe Can’t Just Make Their Sex Work Problems Disappear [Updated]

[Update: Thanks to Donna L for calling to my attention the fact that Feministe's editors have said that they removed the post at the request of the author. However, that still leaves a lot of questions unanswered, such as: why they made the whole thing disappear without a trace, along with the comments; why didn't […]

"Belle" -- Statue in honor of sex workers in Amsterdam.

New Post at Slixa: Decriminalization Isn’t Enough

Although I shamefully neglected to mention it in the actual piece, my most recent post at Slixa was done as part of Maggie McNeill’s Friday the 13th event, in which she encourage non-sex workers who are allies to write about the decriminalization of sex work. Mine talks not only about decriminalization, but about how we […]